Submit A Commision: Laser Cutting

For those that didn't know, I offer laser cutting services. Now there are a few thing I offer: customization, original design, prototyping, and light production. 


Customization: For a few of the products available in the the store, I offer customization. This can be like adding initials to a cutting board or laser etching a product that exists. If you want to do something like this, you still need to fill out this form and let me know what you're wanting. For customization work you have to pay for the thing you would like customized as well as design time (if applicable) and laser time. 


Original Design: The other service I can do is original design. This is a vast category and covers one offs. This can be things like puzzle boxes, laser etched photos, and similar things. These are usually one offs or small runs. These are usually done entirely on the laser cutter, however other tools can be used. 


Prototyping and Light Production: We all have side projects that require things that need made. Whether it's a custom project enclosure, a custom planter, a new type of lamp, or others. I can help with the initial prototypes to small production runs. I can't do massive scale manufacturing but I can do small run to help with new products to see what people think of an idea. 

Until next time,

James Buhr