What's In a Name (and a Logo)?

Brace and Byte Woodworks. In some cases it rolls off the tongue, in others it just brings up questions. So what does the name mean?

    We should start the way that most things do, at the beginning. In this case the beginning of my business name. The brace is a way to drill holes without power. You've probably seen them in antique stores as well. Now for the obvious question. Why is it in my name? I enjoy hand tool woodworking. For me it's relaxing and brings me closer to the wood and the project as a whole. The brace is also one of the few hand tools that has a companion of sorts to do the job it was designed for, a bit. However I didn't like the sound of Brace and Bit Woodworks as I also do work with laser cutters, CNC mills, 3D printers, and similar tools. So I decided to use byte to show that. A byte is the base unit of memory for a computer, and while a typical 3D model or laser can contain upwards of thousands of bytes, I wanted to include that in my name. As for Woodworks, I just thought it sounded better than Woodworking. 

   Now for the logo. If you've seen my textured logo you will see the saw in color. Yes it is a Veritas dovetail saw. It was the first hand tool I bought new. I also love the form of their tools as well as the look. It respects the past, but wants to be it's own identity. Much like my own style. The gear represents the power tool side of my woodworking. Early ideas I had for the logo was deigning a circuit board to be on the gear but it was visually too busy. I decided to go with a simpler look as I wanted something that would look good in color as well as a line art. 

I hope this was an interesting look at my process for designing my logo and choosing a name. 

Until next time,

James Buhr