About Me

Hello. I'm James. I am studying Industrial Technology as a student at a community college with a concentration in Computer Aided Drafting. I started doing "real" woodworking in a shop class in high school where I made an Arts and Crafts Pendulum Clock.  I had always enjoyed creating items, and during shop class I discovered I loved the smell of walnut wood.  After the class ended, I didn't do much woodworking at home. It wasn't until I started attending the community college that my love for woodworking was rekindled.  It was mainly due to a woodworking supply store that was a block from the school.  Even though I didn't have access to a woodworking shop, I liked browsing in the supply store where I saw species of wood I hadn't heard of except on a trip to Costa Rica, and some I hadn't heard of at all as well.  After I finished my first semester, my mother sent me a link to a local community Fab Lab at the University of Illinois, about 15 minutes from where I attended classes. There, I was introduced to laser cutting which I found addicting, although I wasn't very good at creating my own designs. Slowly, I became more comfortable creating my own designs and cutting them out.  My first commission was using the laser to cut a wooden nickel-type membership tokens for a local pipe shop out of thin purple heart wood . Since then, I have designed and made napkin rings, a hall table, turned items, and more. 


Commissioned work either from me meeting someone face to face or them using my "Submit a Commission" tab. The commissioned work can range from prototyping a part on the laser cutter or 3D printer to a piece of furniture or to making a finished project.

Personal Projects

Not all of what I make is done in a classroom. Sometimes I want to either try out or to gain more experience in using software, perfecting a technique, as well as just having fun will go. Inspiration and processes can come from my watching videos, reading, or just experimenting. 


Every year I try to attend a few classes and workshops to either improve or learn a new skill. The class projects will wind up here. The classes I take vary in topic from practicing a technique to creating a full piece of furniture. 

Design Journal

Various sketches and details from my personal sketchbook as well as design ideas and processes I have buzzing in my head. This isn't a regular blog, but is active.


Do you want a custom piece of furniture, a laser cut prototype, a 3D model, a turned piece, or more? Fill out the form provided and I will get in touch about design and figuring out the details.